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Thank you for visiting! Take a look through my lens as I see things, learn about my mission through photography and stop by my print store to find my images ready to put on your wall!

Climber sitting on top of a route cleaning it.

Hi, I'm Cooper! With my roots in Southern California, I pick up and travel often. This allows me to experience more of what is out there and photograph so many new and exciting adventures. Starting my professional career in portraiture, I shifted my focus to outdoor photography. Getting outside has always been extremely important to me, having a passion for all things involving nature since I was a small child. Hiking, camping and kayaking would eventually grow to include a larger variety of outdoor sports. As I grew to understand more about these landscapes, I wanted to do more to protect them. My goal with Cooper Graham Photography is to support a community of individuals who side with nature and are looking for ways to become conduits of change. Working with different organizations and learning more about what we are facing and how to help, I decided to start my blog Into the Spires. For in depth looks behind my images and the inspiration to keep doing this work, this is the tell all. Welcome to my space and thank you for coming!



To support my ongoing efforts to help conservation efforts I sell prints in my shop, head over to get some amazing art for your home!

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Rock climber topping out a route and leaning back with the shaka sign.
Tree raccoons emerging through the bushes of a tacoma nature park.
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White Mountain watermark
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