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Judith A. Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center

Freddy Snowballs inspecting the camera from the comfort of his enclosure.

Their goals, our work and how you can help!

JABCECC is an ethical non-profit that focuses on the conservation of the animals in their care. With involvement in scientific research to understand the domestication process of canids is just one amazing way they have gotten involved in better understanding different species. When visiting the center's rescues there is no doubt that the founders Amy and Dave built this place with the intentions of helping canids. Offering Encounters with the various species of canids here, they educate and inspire their patrons not to just come and pet a couple foxes, but to change how we see animals see animals in society. 

The JABCECC Mission:

"Promoting Animal Conservation through Education, Animal Assisted Therapy Programs,  and Compassionate Research built upon our Guiding Principles.  We accomplish this through educational seminars, meet and greet animal encounters, conducting research to be published in peer reviewed journals, and collaborating with others that share our vision.  We partner with other organizations, universities, individuals, foundations, and corporations that can improve the lives of canids and humans through the human-canid relationship."

Portrait session (winter mini session) with Sergei, a red fox, at the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center.


One of the best parts of working with the JABCECC team and rescues is getting to interact with these animals on a closer level. Getting to learn their personalities and boundaries. Who they are comfortable with and things that engage that natural threat response. Sitting with these animals and photographing them, I have been so fortunate to capture those personalities. These prints are beautiful art pieces for your home or office, but they also directly help the animals in the images. 20% of all print sale profits of the rescues is donated back to the center. This is a great way to help get involved with their mission in conservation!

Viktor, a red fox from the Russian domesticated fox program, captured sitting with poise on a bench.

Photography at the Center

JABCECC and I originally partnered to offer photo sessions with the rescues at the center. Getting beautiful images of holding your first fox or sitting next to a grey wolf is something that most people never get to do. By booking these sessions you are helping the center feed, house and continue their conservation efforts with these amazing animals.  Utilizing safe practices with trained handlers is the best way to keep both the people and animals on set safe. Prioritizing safety comes before any sort of encounter or photoshoot. On any given day one of the animals may not be sociable and instead of forcing that animal to endure any sort of unneeded stress, their will be a rescue to replace that particular one or that part of the session or encounter will be forgone. This is in the best interest of the animal. Instead of forcing an animal to appear for people, this is a learning opportunity about animal behavior.  

Print mock up of "Hungry Wolf".
Print mockup of Freddy Snowballs, yawning.


For those who are looking to get involved on a more continuous basis with the JABCECC there is availability to volunteer! They offer so many ways to offer your own personal skillset! If getting to spend time at this amazing establishment with some awesome animals and a knowledgeable staff of fellow volunteers sounds like an amazing opportunity fill out their form to get in touch with them today!

Dave and Amy Bassett giving a presentation with Lucan, their grew wolf rescue.


Booking an encounter at the center is an amazing way to get to meet, learn and interact with the rescues. From field trips and parties to family fox experiences, there are so many options for you to come up and meed the animals! During your time with the rescues and the JABCECC staff you will learn about the different species and the important role the center has with conservation of each one. Below is an image of Vinnie who was rescued by JABCECC from a fur farm. The scars of this harsh life before the center are still visible, but her spirit is still strong. Book your encounter to meet many other rescues just like Vinnie and be part of the JABCECC mission!

Print mockup of Vinnie, licking her lips and walking past the camera.
Image of Wilson, stalking through the brush.
Print mockup of Vinnie, silver coloration of red fox.
Print mockup of Wilson, a coyote at JABCECC, coming out from behind the tree.
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