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Southern California Climbing
Impacts, Mitigation and How Climbers Cope in a Constantly Changing Environment

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What is this Project?

When I first started incorporating my passion for the outdoors into my career as a photographer I felt a sense of responsibility to educate myself on the best way to recreate in our natural lands. As I learned more and instituted smarter outdoor practices, I wanted to start educating others either through my experiences and information I have collected or introducing ethical institutions that promote sustainable outdoor practices with their education. Still in the early stages, I know this project has a long way to go. Building off of a foundation with conservation of both land and climbing as a sport. Intended to to look at Southern California climbers and how they interact with natural areas when climbing, it also has a peripheral focus on access issues and the role land management organizations play in climbing culture. There is no shortage of stories amongst the climbing community of crag closures and access issues. On a local level I want to hear from the climbers that are out there everyday at these crags.  The end result will be a cumulative article outlining the experiences and expertise of all the climbers that are involved with this project. My hopes are that local organizations can use this as a way to promote and safeguard ethical and sustainable use of natural areas for climbing. 

Get Involved, Get Climbing

Being local to the San Diego area of Southern California, Mission Gorge is one of my most frequented outdoor climbing areas. With so many options for climbing I am still discovering new places! The local climbing community has been so helpful suggestions of crags and finding new places to try. I am still looking for more people interested in getting involved with either interviews with personal experience and/or ideas of solving either access or environmental issues. Individuals or groups  that are interested in climbing and talking about personal  environment strive are encouraged to fill out the contact form through the button below. Leave a brief message with where you want to climb your ability level and how long you have been climbing. All experience levels are welcome to reach out and get get involved!

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Take the Survey!

I have compiled a questionnaire for Southern California climbers that focus on certain aspects of their outdoor/indoor climbing and other outdoor activities they participate in to get a better look at where the biggest issues with climbers accessing these lands are. This information is meant to help with mitigating behaviors that cause unnecessary impact to the environment. The other goal of this survey is to mitigate closures. The last thing any climber wants is for there to be nowhere to climb. By outlining the issues that climbing presents in these outdoor environments, we are able to protect aspects of these ecosystems that are susceptible to damage from climbing making sure they can remain open to use with little impact. 

Reach out to get involved

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