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Nature and Wildlife Conservation

Welcome to my project page! This is where I post and keep you up to date on the conservation projects I am currently working on. Anything from my photo sessions with the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center rescues to the research and physical efforts that go into the blog articles.



Partnering with the Judith A. Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center was the first big step I took in conservation. From the photo session experiences that help raise money for the center to getting to document their rescues. Spending time with Amy and Dave Bassett, founders of the center, has been just as educational as it has been enjoyable. Take a look here to find out the latest news on what we have going on with the amazing rescues that call JABCECC home!

Latest Article Updates

As a result of becoming completely consumed with photographing nature, wildlife and people interacting with our natural world, I found myself feeling responsible to educate myself more on ethical outdoor practices. These articles are about my journeys, what I've learned and important issues I have found along the way. By writing these articles I hope to inspire people to recreate with conservation in mind and put more value in our environment. Find out here what is in the works for more conservation and adventure articles and my use of photography in the process! 

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Southern California Climbing:

Impacts, Mitigation and How Climbers Cope in a Constantly Changing Environment

Climbing has become a passion of mine and it didn't take long to fall in love with this sport. As I became more immersed in climbing culture I saw an opportunity to help safeguard a sport so many people love. I will be surveying Southern California climbers, climbing with them and talking about their personal experiences with climbing, access issues and the ecological responsibilities we as climbers have. For more information about this ongoing process or to be part of the project, follow this link for more information!

Trail Cam

One way I learn about the areas I go out into is by leaving a trail camera set up overnight. These cameras are motion activated, so when we get curious wildlife or just animals moving through the landscape we can capture the action in a sustainable way. This footage gives a look into a world that is far different than ours. Getting to interact with these animals in any way is always so much fun!

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