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Conservation Articles

Sunrise as seen from Stonewall Peak within the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

Why I started writing blog articles

Being outdoors has been a passion of mine since I can remember. Any and everything about nature has always interested me. When I finally incorporated this passion of mine with my photography career, I found that the possibilities are abundant with what I could accomplish. Seeing the direct effect of people being motivated to go outside was enough for me to know that I wanted to make sure that along with the excitement to get out in the wilderness came a sense of responsibility to do so respectfully. Practicing things like leave no trace may seem so little, but on a large scale this becomes a huge issue. Outdoor recreation is only growing in popularity, we have to make sure that education is part of that growth. 

What goes into these articles?

I don't claim to be anything other than a photographer and a writer. Any articles I write, I encourage the community to review and contact me with any updates they see as necessary. The majority of research that I do comes from peer reviewed articles. I want to make sure that the information I am consuming has been tested in some sort of scientific field of study. Being accurate when making decisions in these fragile environments is extremely important. The only way we can make sure that we are protecting the ecosystems we recreate in is to make sure that we have tested data with results. I strive to make the information from these articles more attainable by providing the statistics they have proven with personal experiences of myself or others as well as real life application to how certain practices should implemented based on that information. Other forms of research come from talking to professionals directly involved with a specific topic or other people with knowledge or experience with a topic. Sharing personal experiences from our community of outdoor enthusiasts is a great way to learn new ways to do things more sustainably or how not to repeat others' mistakes. 

Coyote inspecting its surroundings as it runs behind a fence.
A hummingbird feeding on a flower.
South Fortuna area within the Mission Trails Regional Park area of San Diego, CA.

In the Works

I try to put as much as I can into these articles. Trying to release something every 4-6 weeks with research based information and ways to help. Currently I am working on a couple pieces. One being about the impact of outdoor recreation as a whole and ways that land management practices and support from the public can help mitigate and create more sustainable recreation areas. The other article I am working on is work in progress for the foreseeable future. Focussing on Southern California climbers, their use of land for climbing, how they access those areas and issues involved with that access. To find out more about the ongoing process of the climbing impact article, follow the link to get involved below!

The morning haze from the Mission Trails Regional Park are in San Diego, CA.
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